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Wave Stealth 4 DirectoireBlue/White/SafetyYellow

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The Wave Stealth 4 is the ultimate indoor shoe for those who want the best of the best. A very durable, fast and flexible shoe with which you have excellent direct contact with the floor. The Wave Stealth 4 has a Composite Fanshaped Wave plate. Due to the shape of the Wave with higher waves on the lateral (outer) side of the Wave plate, the system offers a lot of stability while maintaining good damping. In addition, the Wave Stealth 4 is provided with AP +, for long-term damping and resilience without adding extra weight. The Dynamotion Fit and Dynamotion Groove technologies work together with the foot to achieve optimal fit and flexibility. This improves stability and maneuverability. Like all other Mizuno indoor shoes, the Wave Stealth 4 is also equipped with a special lacing principle: when you put on the laces, the entire shoe encloses exactly the foot, so that the shoe adapts to the wearer. The Mizuno Intercool ventilation system in the midsole ensures the removal of perspiration moisture and heat. The SR Touch cushioning layer ensures perfect handling and marketing. He takes his original form faster after landing, gives a higher rebound effect and is lighter and more durable. Recommended for: The indoor athlete who is looking for the best stability in a light shoe to feel even stronger and more confident. Color: Blue / Yellow *** Sale, no return ***


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