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Mizuno Mirage Star 2 Kids

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The Mizuno Mirage Star 2 Kids is the successor to the highly successful Mizuno Lightning Star Z3. The Lightning Z4 is super light and very manoeuvrable on the floor. The seamless superstructure ensures a comfortable fit and the Mizuno Parallel Wave plate and the EVA material enable the finest damping after every jump or step. The midsole material, which consists of the very best PoWCe, reduces the weight of the sole without compromising on the damping. A lighter sole with the same damping provides even more performance in the room. By adding D-Flex grooves in the sole of the Mizuno Lightning Z4 Kids, front, back and lateral movements can be made quickly and easily. This makes an acceleration even simpler and more natural. The SR Touch insert provides even more cushioning at the forefoot, so that the toes receive fewer shocks. Immediately convert these shocks into a good forward movement or jump is provided by the new Kick-Sensor technology. Compared to the Lightning Z3 for kids, the Z4 Kids features a completely renewed upper with even better self-breathing qualities. Weight 190 grams Color: Navy / Yellow


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